President George H. W. Bush Led With Impressive Character and Achievements

President George H.W. Bush led our country with some impressive achievements.

During his four years, Bush 41 offered Poland special assistance, which resulted in that country having free elections and ended single Party Communist rule there.

He strongly condemned the Tiananmen Square Massacre and suspended the sale of weapons to Communist China.

It was during his Presidency the Berlin Wall fell.

He signed a new anti-drug law that provided more than $3 billion for expanding anti-drug programs.

He directed our nation’s Armed Forces to invade Panama and capture the treacherous Manuel Noriega.

He and Mikhail Gorbachev signed one of the broadest arms reduction agreements in history.

He signed the historic American’s Disabilities Act, providing protection for 43 million disabled Americans.

He ordered U.S. troops to Kuwait to run-out the despotic invader, Saddam Hussein, and was overwhelmingly victorious in the Persian Gulf War.

Conservative Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, was the elder Bush’s nominee.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Rev. Mark H. Creech