Texas Father Could Lose Custody of 6-Year-Old Son for Objecting to Ex-Wife Who is Pushing Their Son to Identify as a Girl

6-year-old James Younger

A Texas father who objects to his ex-wife pushing their 6-year-old son into identifying as a girl is in danger of losing custody of the child after he was accused of “abusive behavior.”

Walt Heyer, a former transgender woman who is now outspoken against the push for children to identify as transgender, has highlighted the case of James Younger, who since the age of three has undergone social transitioning to be identified as a girl.

However, James’ father, Jeff Younger, and the parents of some of James’ friends maintain that James really desires to be a boy when he is not in the presence of his mother, who is responsible for enrolling the child into school as a girl and having the child undergo psychological assessments.

According to Heyer, who wrote for the conservative website The Federalist, the child is currently in the process of social transitioning before he can begin chemical hormone therapy at the age of eight.

In the couple’s divorce proceedings, the wife (who was not named) accused Jeff Younger of “abusive behavior” because the father has engaged in “non-affirming actions” such as cutting the son’s hair short.

Heyer, who first heard about the case during a recent trip to Texas, reported that the mother has sought a restraining order against the father and is even looking to terminate his parental rights.

Additionally, the mother asked the court to force the father to pay for James to visit a trans-affirming therapist and also pay for any medical alterations or therapies that James may need to transition to female as he gets older.

Subsequently, the courts agreed and have required the father to pay at least 50 percent for future gender-related medical expenses. Jeff Younger has also been banned by the court from teaching James that he is a boy and banned the father from dressing his son as a boy. Additionally, Younger cannot share religious teaching with his son on sexuality or gender.

But according to the father and his supporters, the son’s transgender identity was a decision that was made by his mother when he was three. A fact sheet provided by Younger’s supporters claim that the mother began dressing the twin boy as a girl and calling the child by the name “Luna.”

The mother then took the child to a therapist, where he was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. The child was then enrolled in social transitioning therapy to “prepare him for chemical castration,” a process that transgender children can start when they turn eight years old.

The child was also enrolled in school by the mother under the name “Luna.”

Heyer reported that while the mother requires that James wear feminine clothes to school, James is given the opportunity to choose between male and female clothes when he is at his father’s house.

“James violently refuses to wear girl’s clothes at my home,” Jeff Younger was quoted as telling Heyer in an interview.

According to Heyer, eyewitness accounts from friends have corroborated the father’s claims.

“Based on the three occasions I’ve spent time with [James], I’d say he acts and looks unmistakably like a healthy 6-year-old boy,” Heyer quoted Bill Lovell, the senior pastor of Christ Church Carrollton, as saying. “I am praying for James, an average 6-year-old boy, a sweet-natured, intelligent, lovable and at this point particularly vulnerable young man, caught up in a titanic clash of worldviews.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith