Kansas City Chiefs’ Running Back Kareem Hunt Seen Brutalizing, Kicking Woman in Hotel Surveillance Video

Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt is seen shoving and kicking a woman in a video of a February incident released by TMZ on Friday.

The Chiefs excused Hunt from practice and sent him home from the facility, pending further action, after the video’s release, sources told ESPN’s Dan Graziano.

In the video of the incident, which had been previously reported by multiple outlets, Hunt and the woman trade words in a hallway and are separated by several people on multiple occasions. Hunt pushes the woman, who responds by hitting him in the face. Two men escort Hunt down a hallway before he charges out, colliding with a man who then knocks the woman over. Hunt also kicks the woman in the leg.

Police were called to the scene, a Cleveland hotel where Hunt had an apartment, but no arrests were made or charges filed. TMZ reports that prosecutors had access to the hotel surveillance video.

Through body-cam footage obtained by TMZ, the woman and witnesses gave differing accounts of what escalated the incident. She told police that she wouldn’t have sex with one of the men with Hunt, while they said she called him the N-word after being asked to leave Hunt’s hotel room.

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