Ed Stetzer and Laurie Nichols on Abuse, Harassment, and Sexual Violence in the Church

Jesus wept.

Those words capture my heart every time I read them. There are few stories in scripture more cherished than that found in John 11 in which the very heart of Jesus breaks as he watches his beloved Mary mourn the loss of her brother. God himself stepped into the world of brokenness to identify with us.

His tears were a gesture of love that still speaks to us today.

We know one day all will be made right. We know one day God will make all things new. We know God has the power to heal and bring the dead things back to life, to create beauty out of the ashes of our lives.

But what love does is that it firmly implants itself in the here and now. It looks each person in the eye in this moment and speaks of the one thing that can make all things new: Jesus.

Getting it right

The upcoming Reflections: A GC2 Summit on Responding to Sexual Harassment, Abuse, and Violence conference is one of the more challenging (and important) events we’ve helped to organize. There are so many issues to consider, and we don’t believe that we can address everything in one day, but we do think that we can help start some conversations that need to continue.

But as we’ve been planning, one thing, perhaps more than any, has risen to the top of our hearts, and it’s this:

We want to be a people, and this a conference, that in everything honors God.

Members of our team here at the Billy Graham Center are survivors. Many of our speakers are survivors (and some will share that). And one thing that has been deeply implanted in our hearts as we prepare for this event is the gravity of this issue.

We are not simply hosting a conference. We are asking God to change us—to make us better.

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Source: Christianity Today