Delta State University Introduces New Policy Allowing Expulsion of Students Who Inflict ‘Emotional Distress’ on Others

A watchdog group in Mississippi is troubled by a university in the state that has a policy allowing for the expulsion of students who inflict “emotional distress” on others.

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy reports that Delta State University, for the most part and like most institutes of higher learning, has commonsense policies regarding student speech. But Dr. Jameson Taylor, vice president of policy for the Center, says a troublesome policy at DSU (stated below) allows for disciplining a student, including suspension and expulsion, who hurts another student’s feelings:

“Words, behavior, and/or actions which inflict mental or emotional distress on others and/or disrupt the educational environment at Delta State University are strictly prohibited.” (Student Handbook Guidelines and Regulations, Item 30)

That statement is buried in the document “University Police: Campus Parking Regulations and Safety Guidelines.”

Taylor says the prevalence of postmodernism on today’s campuses incubates these kinds of bad speech policies.

“The problem, of course, is that we’re seeing college campuses are normalizing suppression of free speech, suppression of free association,” he tells OneNewsNow. “They’re normalizing tyranny really. They’re denying students the right to free speech and free association.”

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SOURCE: One News Now, Bob Kellogg