Christian Texas Teacher Accused of ‘Religious Indoctrination’ After Students Recite Scripture Receives Support From Community

A Christian teacher in Texas who was accused of unconstitutional “religious indoctrination” after posting a video of her first-grade class reciting a Bible verse has received support from her local community.

Earlier in November, Susan Schobel, a teacher at Brown Primary School, posted a video to her Facebook page showing her students sitting in a circle reciting Romans 12:9-10, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

“Start your day with a good Bible verse and life just seems better!!” Schobel wrote in the video’s caption. “This is our daily Bible verse.”

Although the video was later deleted, several parents sent letters to the school district, expressing their displeasure over the move. Ashley Nicole, who has a child at Brown Primary, called Schobel’s decision to incorporate Scripture into the daily schedule “not okay.”

“I am truly shocked,” she said. “I am concerned about how this is getting handled.”

Charlie Lucko, who also has a child who attends Brown Primary, sent a similar note to the district, calling the practice unconstitutional and “religious indoctrination.”

“This was a ‘daily Bible verse’ which leads me to suspect that this has been an ongoing thing,” Lucko said. “I highly doubt that no one on the faculty was aware of this.”

Dan Quinn of the Texas Freedom Network accused Schobel of putting the school district “at risk,” as the 1963 Supreme Court ruling, Abington School District vs. Schempp struck down public school-sponsored Bible readings and prayer as unconstitutional.

“If this teacher is crossing the line here, the teacher is putting the district at risk of a civil lawsuit,” he said. “That puts the district and the taxpayers in the district at risk, because the courts have ruled repeatedly that you cannot turn a public school classroom into a Sunday school classroom.”

But the majority Christian community of 4,200 people showed their support for Schobel, using the hashtag #istandwithsusan. A rally was quickly organized to show support for Schobel. T-shirts bearing the hashtag and Bible verses Romans 12:9-10 were sold around town by the screen printing shop, the Statesman reports.

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Source: Christian Post