WATCH: Stephen Colbert Talks About His Favorite Figures in the Old Testament

Liberal comedian Stephen Colbert recently explained who his favorite people in the Old Testament are, on a recent episode of CBS’ “The Late Show.”

Colbert was interviewed by Jon Stewart, who served as the main anchor of the long-running Comedy Central series “The Daily Show” while Colbert worked as a recurring on-screen personality.

When asked by Stewart about who his favorite character from the Old Testament was, Colbert initially said that it was Aaron, the brother of Moses.

“Aaron did so much and gets no credit. Moses gets all the ink, but Aaron actually led everybody because Moses had the stutter,” said Colbert.

Stewart responded that he expected Colbert to say Isaac, jokingly pointing out that Isaac was almost sacrificed by Abraham, calling it “the foundation of Judaism: being rejected by your father.”

Colbert then decided to change his answer to the question from Aaron to Job, noting that he respected how the Old Testament figure never cursed God.

“He does not curse God,” Colbert explained. “He endures all even though his neighbors are saying ‘curse God and die! What are you doing?’”

Colbert referenced the play “J.B.” by Archibald MacLeish, which was a modern theatrical retelling of the Book of Job, which included the line “I heard upon his dry dung heap, That man cry out, who cannot sleep.”

“And that is the gratitude you have to have in life no matter what dung heap you lie on,” stated Colbert, getting an applause from the studio audience.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski