Nigerian Pastors Tell of ‘Evil’ Massacres of Christians in Meeting With President Muhammadu Buhari

Nigerian citizens in this video uploaded in October 2018. | (Screenshot: YouTube/africanews)

Nigerian church leaders met with President Muhammadu Buhari earlier this month, but condemned the “evil” massacre of Christians and the falsehoods surrounding it.

Rev. Dacholom Datiri, president of the Church of Christ in Nigeria, said that he delivered a report to Buhari on November 6, describing the killing of 646 Christians in Plateau state alone between March and October of this year.

“The devastation in terms of massacre of lives and destruction of property is unimaginable. Pastors and members in their thousands have been killed in cold blood, either shot dead or slaughtered like animals or burned to death. Houses and businesses have been burned or looted and farmlands have been destroyed,” he said, speaking of the years of suffering the church has suffered.

Thousands of other Christians have been massacred in the country since the start of 2018, prompting ongoing outcry from watchdog groups, demanding that the Nigerian government do more to protect citizens.

“The narrative has been that these people are killed by unknown gunmen, or suspected herdsmen, or that there have been farmer-herders clashes,” Datiri said in his report, as shared by Morning Star News.

“All these are deceptive narratives deliberately framed to conceal the truth and continue to perpetrate the evil.”

“After the attacks, it is the Fulani herders that settle and graze their cattle on the farms of the victims,” he continued.

“The proficiency and mode of operation in all of these attacks, as testified by the surviving victims, leaves us in no doubt of the complicity of the military being used as hired mercenaries by the Fulani militias. On this, we are disappointed, and sadly so, that the government has not delivered on her constitutional responsibility of protecting lives and property.”

As evidence he pointed to the heavily armed militants with sophisticated guns, including AK-47s, machine guns, and rocket-propelled grenades, that have been killing Christians.

A very similar point was made in August by Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chairman of the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law, who told The Christian Post that the government and many news organizations are spreading such a false narrative.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov