Feminist Journalist Banned from Twitter for Saying ‘Men Aren’t Women’ Urges Others to Speak Out Against Transgender Activism and Online Censorship

Meghan Murphy, editor of Feminist Current, who was banned from Twitter for writing “men aren’t women.” | (Photo: Screengrab/YouTube.com)

The feminist journalist Twitter permanently suspended last week for writing such things as “men aren’t women,” is urging everyone to speak out regarding transgender activism and big tech censorship.

The social media giant, she notes, seems to have a particular problem with women who dissent from the claims of transactivists and they unfairly hijack the dialogue about these issues.

Meghan Murphy, the Vancouver, British Columbia-based founder and editor of the independent website Feminist Current has never shied away from criticizing and asking questions about transgender ideology, often highlighting the threat it poses to women’s rights. Yet in recent months, efforts to silence her have notably increased.

She wrote at length of her exasperation with the antics of transactivists and their long history of intimidating and abusing women who object to their demands on Quillette Wednesday, arguing that it is important for everyone to be able to talk freely about the direction of public policy related to gender identity.

“It’s about a cultish movement that is flexing its muscle on campuses, in civic organizations, at public events, and in the back offices of social-media companies, to strike down anyone who dares point out that the gender emperor wears no clothes. It is about our ability to debate important issues and speak the truth in the public realm,” Murphy explained in her essay.

“It’s time for all of us — not just women and feminists, who are now taking the worst of it — to put their collective foot down and demand a return to sanity.”

As The Christian Post reported, Twitter recently changed its terms of service for users. Under its new rules, what is called “dead-naming” — referring to trans-identified persons by their name prior to transition — and “misgendering,” are considered “hateful conduct” and will not be tolerated.

Until a few days ago, Murphy was a blue-check verified user of Twitter and had a following of over 20,000. A Change.org online petition has been launched to demand her account be reinstated. By Thursday morning, it had garnered over 5,000 signatures.

CP spoke with Murphy by phone Wednesday afternoon and below is the lightly edited transcript of the interview.

CP: Certainly other people have said similar things as you have on Twitter, offered criticisms of transgenderism etc., I’m thinking of at the moment of conservative men like Ben Shapiro and Ryan Anderson (who wrote a whole book on the subject). Yet they aren’t banned. You’ve made no threats nor have you incited anything against anyone. What’s at the root of this? Why do you think you got suspended and they haven’t?

Murphy: The reason I am banned and there are men who are saying the exact same thing that I am saying, like Ben Shapiro who is still happily tweeting away, is that I’ve been targeted specifically because I am the most prominent feminist voice in Canada talking about this issue, almost no else in Canada is talking about it. And the media will not cover my perspective. They will not cover the feminist analysis of gender and our critiques of gender identity legislation. And I believe this is partly because the media prefers to frame this as a right versus left issue.

They would like it to appear to the public that everyone who is progressive or on the left is in support of transgender ideology and gender identity legislation and that it’s only conservative Christians who are opposed to it and leave out the other analysis. And I have a huge platform and a large audience and people were listening to and paying attention to me, and transactivists could see that I was asking these uncomfortable questions and other people were then saying ‘Yeah, what about that? What does this mean to be transgender? How does a man become a woman?’ They had no way of shutting me down and they can’t have me fired because I don’t work for anyone. I work for myself. So they’re just trying to shut me up in any possible way.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter