All Nations Missions Organization Says John Chau Was ‘Listening to the Voice of God’ and ‘Would Not Want His Body Recovered’

John Chau, who was killed this month while trying to spread the Gospel to an isolated tribe, “took the voice of God seriously,” said a member of the missions organization he was a part of.

He “listened to the voice of God” and had been “following the calling of God since the age of 17,” Pam Arlund, a member of the International Leadership Team at All Nations, told The Christian Post.

She described the 26-year-old, a graduate of Oral Roberts University, as humble and as “one of the greatest learners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He read about one book every three days, about missions, reading books that I would recommend to him.”

He had a particular passion “that he pursued for a very long time” — to learn about the Sentinelese people and prepare himself for eventual contact with them.

“To prepare for it, he took many short-term mission trips. I know he went to short-term mission trips in South Africa, and more difficult places, like Kurdistan and Iraq,” Arlund explained.

Chau prepared and trained to share the Gospel and “he pursued it very well,” she noted.

Mary Ho, international executive leader of All Nations, told The Kansas City Star that Chau was “emotionally, culturally, physically, intellectually very, very well prepared.”

“He was trained to be prudent, to take certain precautions, to understand culture, to understand languages, to understand what others have done before that may have worked,” she explained.

According to Ho, Chau was already determined to reach the Sentinelese with the Gospel even before coming to All Nations. Ho admitted that before Chau, the missions organization had never trained a missionary to be sent to a place like North Sentinel Island, where the people are known to be violent and attack anyone who comes near.

Chau, who wanted to stay with the tribespeople for many years, also was aware of the dangers and risks. In his first attempt to make contact with the tribe on Nov. 15, they shot arrows at him and one struck his Bible.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov