Roger Stone Says Trump May Not Run for Re-election

Pictured: Roger Stone
Credit: PBS (screengrab)

The headline virtually jumps out of the Drudge Report’s homepage: “Roger Stone: Trump may not run for re-election.”

To which many observers will say, “Oh, may it only be so!”

As the flamboyant Stone, the long-time political consiglieri and boastful dirty trickster, is thought to be among the most insightful Trump-whisperers of all, this report is not to be taken lightly.

To be clear, Stone doesn’t claim that the president himself has told him any such thing. Here’s how the insight is described in Spectator USA:

“Stone thinks the President is not going to run for re-election. He believes that Trump likes ‘the adulation part’ of being President but not the actual governing. And: ‘He doesn’t like the fact that half the people in the country hate his guts. He’s hypersensitive to criticism. I could easily see him saying, Well, I made America great, I’m heading to the golf course. Mike, good luck. Again, Stone says his opinion does not come from being in possession of inside information. In this case, it’s a judgment he says comes from knowing Trump for some 40 years.”

As it happens, this tracks rather closely to what I wrote (intending to be somewhat puckish) earlier this year here at the Washington Examiner, explaining why Trump might want not just to avoid a re-election campaign, but actually resign early:

“You can claim you are going out on top. Every showman knows that’s the way to leave the stage. Your exit message (whether true or not) is that you have accomplished more in 16 months than anybody else could have dreamed of, that you will leave America already great again, that you will leave a superlative team in place to run the show from here on — and that by leaving office now, you free yourself to attack all the ‘fake news’ outlets and the deep state without it looking like you are doing it to save your own skin, but only for the benefit of the country.”

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SOURCE: The Washington Examiner – Quin Hillyer