Matthew West Announces He ‘Unapologetically’ Accepted White House Invitation to Sing at National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Despite Previous Backlash from Some Fans

Christian singer Matthew West has announced to fans that he’ll be singing at the 98th annual National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony despite past rebukes from some fans who oppose his affiliation with the Trump administration.

The 41-year-old “Do Something” singer is expected to be the only Christian music artist to perform at the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony Wednesday night. He said he was invited after traveling to Washington, D.C. several times for various events such as performing at the National Prayer Breakfast.

During a recent interview with Faithwire, West admitted that he’s received backlash from a few of his followers on social media for taking past invitations to perform at White House events and “aligning” with President Donald Trump. For the Christian singer, however, he sees each invitation as an opportunity to spread hope.

“I don’t care, regardless of which president is in office, if I’m invited to be a part of an event at the White House, that holds a special place in history and my family would be honored to be a part of any event we’re invited to,” he said.

“People read into it what they want. For me, I just unapologetically accepted the invitation to sing at the Christmas Tree lighting. I’m excited to be a part of it,” he added, explaining that he’s “thankful for the open door.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law