Luis Palau Gives Update About Cancer Diagnosis and Upcoming Plans for His Ministry

World-renowned evangelist Luis Palau shared an update about his health on Thursday as well as information about upcoming plans for his ministry work throughout the world.

At the top of the year, the beloved minister made the unexpected announcement that he was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. In his Thanksgiving Day update, however, Palau testified about how he’s defying the odds and doing much better than doctors had anticipated.

“For Pat and me, this has been a year unlike any other. Frankly, if you had asked me early in the year what I’d be doing right now, I would have told you I’d be celebrating with the Lord in Heaven. But clearly, He has different plans,” Palau wrote in the post shared on his website.

“Diagnosed with lung cancer in January, I was told I’d be gone by Christmas. Probably sooner. ‘Get your life in order,’ the doctor said. It was a sobering reality,” he added. “Yet here I am, quite well actually, and writing to you about plans for the months ahead! It’s a testimony of God’s goodness. I believe it’s also a challenge.”

In March, Palau shared that after two months of chemotherapy, the doctors were amazed at the results of his CT scan and blood work. All tumors had shrunk by one-third and there was no new growth of the tumors. The results were so uncommon for someone with stage four cancer that Palau said the doctors were stunned.

“Whether the Lord gives me a few months or a few years … I have no regrets. Evangelism has been my life. And there’s nothing I want more for you than to have the same deep satisfaction in knowing you are obeying the Lord and investing in eternity,” the Argentinian native wrote.

He revealed that the Luis Palau Association has multiple campaigns set for the months ahead with “endless opportunities.” The initiatives are arranged for the Ivory Coast, China, the U.K., Latin America, South Africa, and several cities in the United States.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law