WATCH: Nicole C. Mullen Encourages People to Use the Holiday Season as a Time to Assess and Reassess Their Life in Preparation for the New Year

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Christmas is up next and then it’s on to a new year. But before waving goodbye to 2018 and welcoming 2019 with open arms, there is some evaluating that needs to happen.

Contemporary Christian singer, Nicole C. Mullen, recently shared some end-of-the-year wisdom with her social media followers about the value of using the holiday season as a time of assessing and reassessing one’s life in preparation for a new year.

“Thanksgiving is a holiday for us to be grateful and it’s something that I love just celebrating, but it’s also a sober time for me, because it’s like, okay, this is my beginning of just pruning. It’s a pruning season for me,” she said in a Facebook Live video. “It’s always been a pruning season, like, for years, it’s always been that.”

The “My Redeemer Lives” songstress said her prayer is, “Lord, show me the things that are working, that I need to do more of, and show me the things that are not working that I need to cut back. Show me the contacts that need to stay in my phone and the contacts that need to be removed. Show me the relationships that need to stay and the ones that need to be cut off. Show me the activities that I’m doing that need to be accelerated and multiplied, and the things [about which] I need to say, ‘My season may be up.’”

She then shared a popular saying that she says all the time which is worth repeating: “When the grace is lifted, it’s time to shift it.”

God will give you “grace to do certain things for a certain amount of time,” Mullen went on explaining, “and then He may say, ‘Okay, now I’m shifting you over here. Now I’m calling you to do this right here.’”

The Dove Award-winning recording artist, 51, who is planning her “My Redeemer Event: An Encounter for Women” on March 1-2, 2019 in Dallas, TX, advises other believers to self-evaluate just as she does to keep in line with God’s will every single year.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine, Bridgette Daily