Reported Membership and Baptisms in Southern Baptist Convention Reflect Continued Decline

No matter how one crunches the numbers, reported membership and baptisms in the Southern Baptist Convention reflect a continued downward trend.

Three out of every ten Southern Baptist congregations did not participate in the 2017 Annual Church Profile Survey. However, LifeWay Research, which compiled the data, created estimates for non-reporting churches. They estimated 363,000 baptisms likely occurred compared to 254,000 reported baptisms; and 15.7 million members, compared to 15 million reported.

Scott McConnell with LifeWay Research told Baptist Press the additional analysis wasn’t an attempt to create bigger numbers; in fact, he acknowledged that the estimated statistics show a clear decline in membership numbers.

Dr. Alex McFarland, a long-time Southern Baptist and Christian educator, admits he doesn’t understand the methodology – and that he finds it curious how they came up with some of the totals.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Bill Bumpas