Phil Mickelson Defeats Tiger Woods in “The Match”, Takes Home $9 Million

Nineteen holes were not enough to decide “The Match” between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on Friday at Shadow Creek.

So they settled it in true gambling fashion: by going to a makeshift, 93-yard 20th hole, played from the practice putting green behind the clubhouse to a newly cut hole on the 18th green.

And they had to play that three times before Mickelson finally prevailed, holing a 4-footer to win the winner-take-all match, 1-up.

Mickelson, 48, had been talking up Friday’s encounter for months and suggesting it would help him get some small measure of satisfaction if he could win after a Hall of Fame career yet still being in the shadow of Woods, who has 14 majors and 80 PGA Tour titles.

He called the victory “very special.”

“I know big picture, your career is the greatest of all time,” Mickelson, who has 43 career victories and five majors, said of Woods. “I’ve seen you do things that are just remarkable. But just know I will not ever let you live this one down. I will bring it up every time I see you.”

Mickelson then referred to a champion’s belt that Friday’s winner received, telling Woods, “I will wear this belt buckle every time I see you.”

“It’s not the Masters, it’s not the U.S. Open, I know, but it’s something,” Mickelson said. “It’s nice to have a little something on you.”

Woods humbly sat by, taking the good-natured trash talk he knew would be coming if he did not prevail.

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SOURCE: Bob Harig