Actress Javicia Leslie Says Streaming Church Online Has Helped Her Maintain Her Relationship With Christ While Working in Hollywood

Not everyone believes that watching worship services online is a beneficial way to attend church, but Hollywood actress Javicia Leslie says it’s helped her maintain a relationship with Christ as she works in an industry that often takes her away from her favorite church.

Leslie plays Ali Finer, the sister of an atheist and daughter of a preacher, on the CBS series “God Friended Me,” which is loosely considered to be a faith-based show.

“We’re in that time and age where maybe you can’t go to your favorite church physically because it’s not in your area but now you can stream it,” she said in an interview with Ambo TV. “It’s just as powerful.”

The 31-year-old actress said she first came to faith in Jesus while attending First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Maryland, which would later be renamed Mt. Zion. Under new leadership of Pastor Keith Battle, the actress said her faith became solidified because he knew how to appeal to her as an entertainer.

“With Pastor Battle, it kind of felt like being in the entertainment industry, he really got that. He did a great job of connecting what this industry is and also walking with Christ,” Leslie explained. And when she moved from Maryland to California to further her acting career, she sought to find a way to stay connected to her home church and streaming the services online was her way of doing that.

“Luckily with the internet, I was able to stream all of the services. I would be in my car and I would just listen to them. It helped a lot,” she said.

Analyzing the pros and cons of streaming church services online, professors at Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas surmised during a discussion last November that attending church online is not a legitimate option for Christians.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law