Pro-Life Students at Utah College Angered by ‘Condom Fashion Show’ & Planned Parenthood Merchandise

Activist students at Westminster College, a private liberal arts school in Salt Lake City, Utah, riled some students and pro-life advocates when they held a “Condom Fashion Show” featuring outfits partially made from condoms and swag promoting abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

“I’m fine with whatever sort of events clubs and organizations plan on doing,” Westminster College student Ryan Kruger told Campus Reform. “However, a condom fashion show just seems like a little much. We could be spending our time doing something more productive, but that is just my two cents.”

The event was hosted by Students United for Reproductive Freedom, a group that was criticized by Pro-Life Utah for promoting “dangerous sex practices” to youth.

“Students United for Reproductive Freedom at Westminster College (which partners with [and is] partly funded by #PlannedParenthoodUtah) hosted a Condom Fashion show. These organizations push dangerous sex practices on young people,” the organization noted in a tweet about the Nov. 14. event.

A flyer for Westminster College’s condom fashion show. (Photo: Facebook)

The student group insists on the college’s website that they are simply fighting for abortion rights.

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Source: Christian Post