Woman Involved in New Jersey GoFundMe Scam Suspended from Her Job at State Department of Transportation

Kate McClure, (right) and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico / Richard Harbus

The woman involved in the viral New Jersey GoFundMe campaign for a homeless vet — that prosecutors recently charged was all a scam — has been suspended from her state job, according to a report.

Kate McClure, 28, is a receptionist at the New Jersey Department of Transportation — and a spokeswoman for the department confirmed to NJ.com on Wednesday that she had been suspended.

The spokeswoman wouldn’t say whether the suspension was with or without pay.

McClure began working for the state in 2014 and was making just over $43,000 a year, according to the report.

McClure’s lawyer, James Gerrow, told the outlet both he and his client had a sense that the suspension could happen.

“I told Kate this was inevitable once the charges had been made public by the prosecutor,” he said. “Unfortunately, it is standard operating procedure for a governmental entity. Yet, it adds to the traumatizing impact this case has had on Kate.”

McClure and her former boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, are accused of pocketing the lion’s share of about $400,000 raised through a GoFundMe campaign they created in November 2017 for Johnny Bobbitt, a homeless man living in Philadelphia.

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SOURCE: NY Post, Amanda Woods