What Churches Need to Know About First Time Guest Gifts

Visiting a church for the first time is intimidating.

For someone to visit your worship service is a big deal.

First-time visitors likely have a host of questions racing through their mind and they probably have a ton of reasons why they should just turn around and go home.

Regardless of why someone visits your church, easing the tension your first-time guests feel is essential. By creating a positive experience, you will compel them to visit your worship service again or take the next step in getting further involved.

First Time Guest Gifts: What Churches Need to Know

One way to create a better connection with your guests is to share with them a small gift for visiting your worship service.

In this post, we’re going to talk about:

  • Why you should give gifts to your first-time guests
  • How much your first-time gift will cost
  • How to make people feel comfortable—not awkward
  • Five examples of first-time guest gifts

Let’s get started!

Why you should give gifts to your first-time guests

Inviting people to your house (or house of worship) is a big first step.

You’re extending a personal invitation for someone to enter your space, and making your guest feel comfortable is a hallmark of Christian hospitality.

Think about it.

You’re inviting someone new into your family’s weekly gathering. There will be many people they don’t know. They probably won’t know how to handle him or herself. And they’ll have no idea where anything’s at in your facilities.

By giving your first-time guests a gift, you’re not only creating a good first impression. But you’ll be able to do three additional things:

  • Show people you care
  • Get their contact information
  • Follow up later

When you give a gift to a first-time guest, you’re letting them know you care. Gift giving is a simple act that lets people know you planned ahead for their visit, and that you’re thankful for their presence.

By providing your visitors with a gift, they will be more inclined to share with you their contact information. When visitors share with you his or her contact information, they’re expressing an openness to hear from you in the future.

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Source: Church Leaders