New Mexico Writer Jamie Sams Sues Hospital for Reviving her After Cardiac Arrest

A new lawsuit filed on behalf of a local woman alleges that Santa Fe’s Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical was negligent twice while she was in the hospital in 2016.

The suit filed on behalf of Jamie Sams, a writer known for books on spirituality, says the hospital and a doctor who was treating her are to blame for Sams going into cardiac arrest.

And the negligence was compounded when hospital personnel resuscitated her, the lawsuit suit.

Reviving Sams violated her “do no resuscitate” directive, the lawsuit says.

Now Sams must live the rest of her life with pain and substantial medical bills, according to the suit filed in state District Court.

“As a result of being revived, Plaintiff continues to experience severe pain, disability and limitations and further, will incur extensive expenses throughout the remainder of her life,” the lawsuit against Christus and emergency room doctor Jamie Gagan states.

Sams is also suing because she was given the painkiller Dilaudid, which the lawsuit says she is allergic to.

Sams suffers from Dercum’s, a rare, painful disease that produces tumors all over the body.

“This condition is extremely debilitating and painful and, moreover, requires frequent hospitalization and medication at great expense,” the lawsuit says.

Sams went to the Christus St. Vincent emergency room on Feb. 5, 2016, for pain control and was prescribed Dilaudid through an IV by Gagan, “despite the fact that she had advised emergency room staff that she was allergic to this medication.”

Sams had an allergic reaction to the Dilaudid and went into cardiac arrest.

She was revived by emergency room staff, even though she signed a “Double DNR (do not resuscitate)” form.

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