Megachurch Pastor Carter Conlon Says a ‘Baptism of Godlessness’ Is Tearing Up America in New Book ‘It’s Time to Pray’

Megachurch Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church in New York City is warning that a “baptism of godlessness” is tearing apart America.

With drug use, violence and hopelessness increasing in the nation as Jesus Christ is driven out of the public space, he told The Christian Post in a phone interview on Tuesday that prayer to God is the only thing that can save the nation.

Conlon, who pastors the interdenominational Times Square Church in New York, which sees over 10,000 people in attendance of over 100 different nationalities, is a best-selling author and preacher that has led hundreds of thousands to the Gospel message around the world.

His latest book, It’s Time To Pray: God’s Power Changes Everything, released last week, describes the many different areas that people need to pray to God for, and serves in part as an autobiography of his spiritual journey.

He told CP that the book is being released now because America has reached a dangerous level of divisiveness that only prayer can solve.

“The founding fathers of this nation believed in God. Much of the Constitution and the laws of the country were based on a Judeo-Christian worldview,” he said.

He argued that while America has often faced divisive times, today “we are seeing an absolute baptism of godlessness.”

“It’s terrifying because it’s tearing apart the very fabric of our society. Our only hope to not end up in a division that can’t be healed, is a returning to and an understanding that we are, and were, a nation under God. That’s our hope,” he added.

He said that such a godlessness is “happening in all of our institutions, it’s happening in our schools, it’s happening in our government, our homes. There seems to be a concentrated effort in the last generation in particular to drive the knowledge of Christ out of the public market place, out of our grade schools, high schools, colleges, the conscience of the public.”

“It’s a distressing moment, because we are seeing the end result: opium addiction in our major cities, it’s getting into a critical level. A break down of law and order; an incivility in our political arena; and we’re seeing the country divided on racial lines, sociological viewpoints,” he continued.

“It’s getting to a point where it’s turning violent. This is where a nation that knew God, but rejected Him, tends to always go. This is the moment we are now in, and it is a fearful moment for the nation if we don’t turn back to God.”

Conlon explained that he wrote It’s Time To Pray because he wanted people to understand how God works.

“It starts with the early beginnings of coming to Christ when I was 24, the mistakes I made, from the vantage point of having almost nothing to offer the kingdom of God, to heading into Africa and preaching to half a million people, and seeing thousands come to Christ,” he highlighted some of the key developments in his life that are described in the book.

“It has been an incredible journey, and I am hoping that as people read it, every person, no matter where they are in life, will close each chapter and think: ‘God, if you can do that for that man, if you’re still doing those things in our day, then I’m going to begin to pray and ask you [to come] into my life.'”

It’s Time To Pray offers advice for how people can pray for some of the most important things in this world, such as for salvation.

Conlon said that he came to Christ by reading the Bible and understanding that Jesus “died in my place so that I can be forgiven.”

He said that he understood other important things as well, however.

“To come to Christ means a new lifestyle, it means turning away from an old way of living, old practices which the Bible calls sin, and turning to the way of God,” the author noted, adding that it also means giving God the rights to one’s entire life and future.

Conlon warned that his concern is that people in America “are coming to what they think is salvation, but there’s no repentance. There’s no understanding that an old way of living has to be put away, there’s no real yearning for the way and the will of God, there’s no real understanding of taking up one’s personal cross and following Christ.”

He argued that too many people are only concerned about their own happiness and pursuit of joy, and are not really living for the benefit of others.

“Which is of course the essence of the Christian life, it is living for the sake of other people,” he pointed out.

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Source: Christian Post