Mat Staver Says Kentucky Official Kim Davis May Enter Ministry After Losing Re-Election

Kim Davis, the Kentucky official jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, may go into the ministry after losing her re-election as Rowan county clerk, her lawyer has revealed.

During a recent appearance on the conservative radio program “Crosstalk,” Mat Staver, who also co-authored a book with Davis, said he has spoken with the former Kentucky county clerk “quite a bit” through the summer and believes her future lies in ministry.

“Frankly, I think what she’s going to do and where she’s been wanting to go is in some form of ministry,” Staver said. “And so I think that’s where the Lord is leading her at this time.”

In 2015, Davis made national headlines when she cited her Christian beliefs as the reason for her refusal to sign marriage licenses for gay couples. She was subsequently jailed for five days for defying a U.S. federal court order to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples.

While praised for the decision by many in the Christian arena, Davis received much backlash from the LGBT community and national media. Last week, she lost during midterms to Democratic challenger Elwood Caudill by about 600 votes. The 53-year-old had taken over the job from her mother, who served as the county’s clerk for 37 years.

“She is someone who loves her job and wants to serve the people,” Staver said. “And so she spent her waking hours, really, working on her job. And people in the community did her campaigning for her.”

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Source: Christian Post