17-Year-Old Sophia Floersch Suffers Spinal Injury After Formula 3 Crash

German teenager Sophia Floersch has suffered a spinal fracture in a terrifying 270km/h crash at the Formula 3 street race at Macau on Sunday.

Floersch, 17, was sent hurtling into the barriers lining the edge of the race track when her car vaulted over another car. Videos from the grandstands do not show the leadup to the crash, although it later emerged that Floersch had tangled with another rival on the flat-out run down to the Lisboa corner.

She then lost control of her damaged car and was launched over the kerbs and another competitor’s vehicle. Speed-trap data from the braking zone of that corner shows Floersch had been travelling at 276.2 km/h.

The damage to the barriers briefly halted the race. Macau GP organisers said Floersch was conscious and taken to the hospital, with a spinal fracture later given as the initial diagnosis. The teenager later tweeted to say she was OK and and confirmed she will have surgery on Monday.

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SOURCE: ESPN, Nate Saunders