There’s a Devil Loose: Model Mother Lauren Stuart ‘Killed Her Husband, Two Adult Children and the Family Dog in Their Michigan Home Before Committing Suicide After Being Shunned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses’

Police say a Michigan woman killed her husband and two adult children before turning the gun on herself last week.

The bodies of 45-year-old Lauren Stuart, her husband Daniel, 47, and their kids Steven, 27, and Bethany, 24, were found inside the family’s Keego Harbor home Friday morning, after a concerned family member called police to conduct a welfare check.

The family dog was also found dead in a bathtub.

Since their deaths, friends revealed that the family left the Jehovah’s Witnesses five years ago, and had been subsequently shunned by their former community.

The friends speculated that the isolation from the shunning may have been what caused Lauren to snap and kill her loved ones.

Friend Joyce Taylor told the Detroit Free Press that the family left the church five yeas ago because they wanted to send their children to college, which is forbidden by the Christian sect.

When anyone leaves the church, current members are no longer allowed to interact with them, even the Stuart’s family members still in the church.

Taylor barged into a Jehovah’s Witness meeting on Sunday in Union Lake and blamed them for the triple murder-suicide.

In a video posted online, she is seen getting up on a chair to address the congregation.

‘Excuse me everyone, my name is Joyce Taylor… Two days ago, four people died as a result of your shunning process,’ Taylor said. ‘Five years ago you people pulled your support from this small family, the only support they had was you people. You turned them away and you shunned them.’

As members tried to get her to step down, Taylor started yelling.

‘For what?! Because they wanted to raise their children as they saw fit,’ she said.

Police say they are aware of the claim that the family had issues with their former church, but they refused to comment on it. They said Lauren left behind a long suicide note, but would not comment on the details included in that either.

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Source: Christian Post