Floyd Mayweather Issues Ultimatum to Khabib Nurmagomedov: Box Me, Or We Ain’t Fightin’

Floyd Mayweather is giving Khabib a simple choice — we fight in the boxing ring … or we ain’t fightin’ at all!

Of course, the two have been goin’ back and forth since Khabib beat Conor and called out Floyd … but Nurmagomedov’s team AND Dana White both say it’s gotta be MMA.

Now, Floyd’s firing back … telling TMZ Sports HE makes the rules — ’cause he makes the money and that makes him the guy who calls the shots … and mixed martial arts isn’t happening.

“They said it has to happen in the Octagon. And I said, ‘Just tell me where Khabib has made 9 figures before in the Octagon!'”

“If he hasn’t made 9 figures, he’s not the A-side. So, I’m the A-side.”

Remember, Floyd told us he’s likely to fight on New Year’s Eve in Tokyo … and if he and Khabib can’t strike a deal, that’s cool with him.

“It’s my way, my rules. I’m Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather!”