President Donald Trump Is Growing a Little: Admits He Was Wrong to Sit Out Traditional Trip to Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day, Says ‘I Should Have Done That, I Was Extremely Busy on Calls’

President Trump made a rare admission that he made a misstep this week when he should have paid a visit to Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day.

‘I should have done that, I was extremely busy on calls for the country,’ he said Friday. ‘We did a lot of calling as you know.’

Trump delivered Veterans Day remarks in France at an American cemetery on Sunday. But he did not make the traditional presidential trip to Arlington to visit the Tomb of the Unknown soldier when the holiday was observed in the United States the following day.

In a Friday morning interview for ‘Fox News Sunday,’ the president acknowledged he was wrong not to go to the cemetery that’s three miles down the road.

‘I could have done that, as you know I just left the day before the American Cemetery and I probably think, and that was one where it was raining as hard as you can imagine,’ he said of the persistent drizzle. ‘I probably, you know, in retrospect I should have and I did last year and I will virtually every year.’

The president claimed that he was busy making calls, although it was unclear to whom, as that is information the White House has not disclosed.

‘I should have done that, I was extremely busy on calls for the country,’ he stated. ‘We did a lot of calling as you know.’

He suggested that he was also a tad jet-lagged, having arrived at the White House at nearly 8:30 pm EDT after leaving France, which is 6 hours ahead, at 5:30 PM local time.

‘We had come in very late at night and I had just left, literally, the American Cemetery in Paris,’ he explained to host Chris Wallace. ‘I really probably assumed that was fine and I was extremely busy because of affairs of state — doing other things.’

The president and first lady couldn’t get out from under the scrutiny this Veterans Day, after courting controversy in France when they missed an event at a WWI cemetery and memorial site dedicated to Americans.

Their trip to Belleau Wood, just outside of Paris, was called off amid a light rain when the Secret Service assessed it was too dangerous for the president’s helicopter to take off in France.

Critics argued that the first couple should have motorcaded to the site that was more than an hour’s drive outside the city or made alternative plans.

The president and first lady held a meet and greet with Marines stationed in Washington on Thursday as they attempted to escape the thunderstorm of criticism.

Marines at the barracks had responded to a building fire at a public housing complex in September. The Trumps made the trip across town as a tie-in to a speech the president was giving on support for military families at the White House.

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Source: Daily Mail