LeBron James’ High School Hummer to be Auctioned Off

One lucky fan can obtain a piece of LeBron James history when the Lakers star’s high school Hummer heads to an auction next week.

James’s 2003 Hummer H2 will hit the auction block next Monday with Goldin Auctions before being sold on Dec. 8, according to ESPN.

As a senior in high school, James’s mother, Gloria, gave him the car as a gift for his 18th birthday. The New York Times reported that Gloria registered the car, then-valued at $50,000, in her name and paid for it by taking out a loan. The Ohio High School Athletic Association investigated the car’s purchase to make sure it was not given to James by an outsider, which would have caused him to lose his amateur status.

James’s taste for the finer things was apparent even back then. The customized SUV features a chrome grille, 28-inch chrome rims, TVs, a JBL sound system and a Playstation 2.

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SOURCE: Sports Illustrated, Jenna West