Karl Vaters: How to Tell if a Church Is on Offense or Defense

There are two types of churches.

Those on offense and those on defense.

In recent years, I’ve been in hundreds of rooms with thousands of pastors from both types of churches.

Churches on offense are not different from churches on defense in any external way.

They and their pastors struggle with the same challenges of facility, finances and attendance. They’re in rural communities, suburbs and inner cities. They come from all denominational (and nondenominational) traditions.

But a room full of pastors on offense is a joyous, hopeful place, while a room full of pastors on defense feels sad and hopeless. The difference is so stark you can almost literally smell it in the air.

So what makes the difference?

The Difference Between Defense And Offense

Churches on defense talk about the glory days of the past.
Churches on offense maintain a strong hope for the future.

Churches on defense are trying to maintain the status quo.
Churches on offense are changing and adapting.

Churches on defense allow their traditions to hold them back.
Churches on offense use their traditions as a foundation to build on.

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Source: Christianity Today