Pastor & Missonary Tells How 99-Y-O Man in Communist Country Found Christ

A 99-year-old man living in a Communist country where some have no conceptions of the Gospel of any kind has said he wants to follow Jesus, a pastor and missionary revealed.

Jordan Standridge, pastor of evangelism at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, Virginia, wrote in The Cripplegate website on Tuesday that he met the man in question during a mission trip to a communist country last week, which he didn’t name.

Standridge explained that the trip took him to a remote part of the country, where people were largely isolated from the outside world.

“As I entered the first house and sat in the chair to begin, we were told by the father and daughter that they had never spoken to anyone about the Gospel before. The daughter was in her seventies and the father was 99,” the pastor shared.

“As we talked, it seemed as if the scales were falling from his eyes as the realization of his own sin, filled his eyes with tears. It was like talking to the thief on the cross. He simply asked God to forgive him of his sin and give him a new heart,” he continued.

“At the end of our time together, when I was writing some verses in his new Bible and writing down his name, the translator asked his daughter if she would read it to him, she said, ‘He reads better than I do! He’ll be reading to me!’ It was quite obvious how brilliant he was because of the questions he asked throughout.”

Other challenges in speaking with people at the village were that many were lacking even the most fundamental understanding for grasping the Gospel.

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Source: Christian Post