Pastor and Best-Selling Author Kenneth Ulmer Discusses How Parents Can Fight Demons Targeting Their Children in New Book

Best-selling author and pastor, Kenneth Ulmer, shares how parents can fight “the demonic hierarchy that targets our children” and replace generational curses with important blessings for the family in his new book, Passing the Generation Blessing: Speak Life, Shape Destinies.

Ulmer, pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, California, told The Christian Post that Satan will attack the hearts and minds of the next generation in any way he can, whether through outward sins like drugs and pornography, or internal tendencies like dishonesty and gossip.

“I believe the war begins in the spirit realm as we wrestle against the demonic hierarchy that targets our children,” he said. “However, I don’t think the battle remains in the invisible realm. I believe we are called to be so involved in our children that we first of all prayerfully identity the enemy that is attacking our child.”

But this revelation can only come through prayerful discernment an intentional involvement, investment, and interest in the life of the child, Ulmer charged.

“I often say, if the Lord said I could only ask for one spiritual gift, I would pray for the gift of discernment,” he said. “I’m talking about the kind of divinely revealed insight into the struggle the child is facing that only God can give. It’s the kind of inspired intuition that can hear what the child does not say, and see what the child tries to hide.”

“On a more practical level, get in the trenches with the child,” he said. “School, PTA, leisure time, hobbies, all can be open doors (that the enemy wants you to stay out of) that become paths of participation in the battles of the child. … One cannot adequately impact the next generation long distance.”

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Source: Christian Post