Kentucky Baptist Association Addresses Mental Health Issues

Summer Watson

Liberty Baptist Association’s Director of Missions Lynn Traylor is inviting a local biblical counselor to address mental health issues through a quarterly column in the association’s monthly newsletter.

His main motive behind featuring the column is for church members to become more alert to opportunities to help their fellow members, as well as for pastors to understand that it’s OK to ask for help in dealing with their own mental health struggles, Traylor said.

“When we see stories that make the national news of a pastor who takes his life, we are reminded that there may be issues that pastors are facing which could have been resolved or helped if they had been able to reach out to a resource such as a trained counselor,” he said.

Traylor chose Summer Watson, a licensed professional clinical counselor and director of Heart Cry for Hope, to write the column. She holds a bachelor’s degree in human services and a master’s degree in counseling and human development. A member of Calvary Baptist Church in Glasgow, she has sensed God’s calling to also be board certified as a biblical counselor.

“The Lord took me out of the community mental health setting and, over the course of a few years, really laid it on my heart to open a Christ-centered, counseling program,” Watson said. Heart Cry for Hope offers marriage enrichment, family and individual counseling, crisis intervention, as well as grief, tragedy and loss counseling, she noted.

“The need is great,” she said. “Anxiety is at an all-time high in our society now,” she assessed, adding that “the need for counseling, especially biblical counseling, is dire.”

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Source: Baptist Press