Indian Christians’ Homes Destroyed by Extremists, Forcing Families to Convert Back to Tribal Hinduism Amid Fears of Losing Their Livelihood

At least three Christian families have converted back to a tribal religion in Jharkhand state, India, after Hindu extremists destroyed their homes, leaving them in fear of losing their land and resources.

Morning Star News reported that five families in Lisiya village, West Singhbhum District, returned home from a worship service in October to find that one of the homes had been destroyed by tribal movement Adivasi Ho Samaj.

Adivasi Ho Samaj, who are reportedly under the influence of Hindu extremists, destroyed the home of Christian Sidiu Bari and his family as a warning to believers that they are not welcome.

“They damaged Bari’s roof, threw away their clothes and utensils, and took away a sum of 20,500 rupees [$280],” area resident Subod Sinku said. “Even after all this, they were not done. There was lot of verbal abuse and verbal grilling that continued for at least a week after the [Oct. 18] incident.”

Threatened with losing their lands and being expelled from the village, three of the Christian families decided to convert back to the tribal religion of Sarnaism.

“Pastors and Christians from Lisiya and surrounding village churches tried to encourage them to continue in the Christian faith in these testing times,” Sinku said. “But we were only able to get Sidiu Bari to write a complaint and report the matter to a local police station.”

Another anonymous source told MNN: “The situation in Jharkhand is turning worse since the Ho Samaj joined hands with the RSS [Hindu extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh], holding meetings to instigate the tribal population against their own brethren for choosing to follow Christ.”

Sinku affirmed that he and other Christians have been warned that they will not receive their share of the land if they do not abandon their faith in Jesus.

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Source: Christian Post