Houston Megachurch Pastor & Former SBC President Ed Young Criticized After Calling Democrats ‘Basically Godless’

The Democratic Party is not a political party but rather a “basically godless” religion, Houston megachurch pastor and former Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Young said on election night.

The 82-year-old senior pastor of Houston’s Second Baptist Church, one of the largest Baptist churches in the United States, is receiving backlash for comments he made while attending a watch party last Tuesday for outgoing Republican Rep. John Culberson.

As the 9-term incumbent was defeated by the Planned Parenthood-endorsed Democrat Lizzie Pannill Fletcher for Texas’ 7th congressional district, Young issued remarks over the microphone following a concession speech from Culberson.

Young told the Republican crowd about “what we’re up against.”

“It’s no longer a [political] party,” Young can be seen saying about the Democratic Party in a video of the remarks broadcasted by KHOU. “It’s some kind of religion that is basically Godless.”

Young continued by stating that “as long as America — and this is represented by every Democrat I know — does not believe in the sacredness of the life in the mother’s womb, God will not bless America or make us a great nation.”

The Christian Post contacted Second Baptist Church of Houston and asked for Young to elaborate on his comments. The request for comment was declined through a church representative.

Although Young is known for his social conservative political views, his remarks drew the ire of other religious leaders in the Houston community and beyond.

Joel Goza, a former pastor who serves as the visiting Scholar of Race, Religion and Politics at the University of St. Thomas, told KHOU that arguments such as Young’s are symbolic of “one-dimensional thinking in a three-dimensional world.”

“We have very problematic political realities facing our nation,” Goza said.

On Twitter, former faith adviser and staffer for President Barack Obama, Michael Wear, told Young that he “would be happy to introduce you to faithful Christians who are Democrats.”

“Your remarks here are wrong and irresponsible…especially in this moment,” Wear asserted.

Some Christians prefer Democrats because they feel inspired by their faith to call for social justice and social action that they feel is best carried out through the agenda of the Democratic Party.

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Source: Christian Post