Christian Astrophysicist Hugh Ross Answers Questions About Creation & God

Astrophysicist Hugh Ross of the Christian apologetics group Reasons to Believe has recently tackled the question of who or what created God.

At a lecture given last week at Regent University titled “Does Science Prove God’s Glory?” Ross talked about the evidence for the Christian God as seen in recent scientific evidence.

“God has given us two books, the book of scripture and the book of nature,” stated Ross in reference to a concept developed by theologians in the Middle Ages. “In the 21st century we’re seeing, daily, that scientific discoveries are giving us more evidence for the Christian faith. New evidences from the book of nature shows us that we can trust the book of scripture.”

During his speech, Ross explained that when he presents his scientific evidence for the existence of God, “the most common question” he gets in response is “Who created God?”

“It’s not just scientists that ask that question. I get that question from little children. If God created the Universe, who created God?” said Ross. “As a matter of fact, both of my sons, before they reached 4 years of age, asked me that question.”

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Source: Christian Post