‘Bible Answer Man’ Hank Hanegraaff Says His Cancer in Remission

Hank Hanegraaff of the “Bible Answer Man” program has revealed that his cancer is in remission following a clinical trial, and cited “God’s grace.”

“It’s been about three months since I had my last CT scan, and I just had a scan this Monday,” Hanegraaff said last week in a Facebook video on his battle with mantle cell lymphoma.

He revealed that the doctor read him the results of the scan, as well as from his most recent blood work.

“The bottom line is, I heard a word that I did not think that I would hear this soon. And that is the word ‘remission.’ For the first time since I started the battle with cancer 20 months ago, I am finally in remission,” he said.

“It’s been an interesting journey. I was diagnosed on April 15, 2017, so most of 2017 was taken up by going through chemotherapy,” he noted.

Hanegraaff provided updates about his health throughout the process, including some bad episodes, such as when he suffered a bad chemotherapy reaction in his first round of cancer treatment in 2017.

The Orthodox Christian author said at the time that the reaction caused him to “shake uncontrollably.”

“Suddenly, in the middle of it, I got short breath, and I had a real strong pain in my chest, and all of a sudden I started to shake uncontrollably. The symptoms caused the nurses to shut down the chemo until they could get me back to a place of stasis, and they did,” he described.

Still, he said that God knows what He’s doing. He positioned that God creates a tapestry, and sometimes “we just see the underside of that tapestry, and it doesn’t look so good, but God knows exactly what He’s doing.”

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Source: Christian Post