Best-Selling Author Alli Worthington Shares Biblical Tips for Finding True Happiness in New Book ‘The Year of Living Happy’

Best-selling author Alli Worthington encourages Christian women to combat today’s culture of busyness, stress and fear by inviting in God’s best, most peaceful life, in her new book, The Year of Living Happy.

Worthington, author of Breaking Busy and Fierce Faith, told The Christian Post that while “dark seasons” in life are inevitable, they can quickly wreak havoc on both our personal and spiritual lives. But God has a greater vision for His children: As Christians, we should be the “happiest people out there,” she said.

“Throughout Scripture, God continually tells us to be happy,” she said. “We see commands such as ‘rejoice,’ ‘do not be afraid,’ ‘be of good cheer,’ ‘give thanks.’ The only reason happiness we’ll ever have is living a life seeking God. When we follow His commands, we find the true recipe for happiness.”

In The Year of Living Happy, Worthington offers practical steps women can take to cultivate true happiness — a word she defined as a “feeling of connection and contentment” — in their lives.

“For every person, two things lead to a happy life: Contentment and connections,” she explained. “Contentment means choosing to be grateful for the blessings God has given you and mindful of the beauty around you. Connections means maintaining a relationship with God and investing in those around you.”

Every woman, she said, has an “inner critic” who continually tells them they aren’t enough; that things aren’t going to turn out well, and that they don’t deserve happiness.

“The best thing we can do for our happiness is take those thoughts captive, renew our minds and ask God what He wants to think,” she said. “The loudest voice we hear is our thoughts, and when we change those from unhelpful to healthy, we’re going to see our happiness grow on a daily basis.”

She speaks from personal experience: Despite being a successful business owner, wife and mother of five boys, Worthington revealed she has battled feelings of inadequacy, fear and anxiety. Happiness, she said, sometimes “feels like a hard-won battle.”

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Source: Christian Post