There’s a Devil Loose: Virginia Woman Kills Mother and Sister, then Stages Crime Scene to Make it Look Like a Murder-Suicide

A Virginia woman has been arrested after she allegedly killed her 23-year-old sister and mother and then staged the crime scene so that it looked like a murder-suicide.

Megan Hargan, 35, was arrested 16 months after her mother Pamela Hargan, 63, and sister Helen Hargan were found dead in their home in McLean on July 14, 2017.

Authorities initially believed Helen had shot her mother dead and then committed suicide. But now it is Megan Hargan who is the prime suspect.

Hargan has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Authorities were first alerted to the shooting after Helen’s boyfriend, Carlos, called from Dallas.

Carlos told police that his girlfriend had called to tell him that her sister had killed her mother, according to WUSA9.

When authorities arrived on the scene, Pamela’s body was found in the laundry room. There were shell casings strewn about her body.

Helen’s body was found in the bedroom, a gun by her side. Both women had died of rifle wounds to the head.

Pamela’s death was immediately ruled a homicide, but Helen’s cause of death was undetermined.

Police said they realized early on that the crime scene was staged.

‘It was made to look one way,’ Maj Ed O’Carroll said during a press conference on Friday.

‘Our detectives are smart and we realized that that necessarily wasn’t the case, and we followed up on every lead.’

O’Carroll said it was ‘not very long at all’ before detectives realized there was more to the story, but they kept quiet about their suspicions so as not to alert Hargan.

‘We always try to inform our community,’ he said. ‘But investigative strategy is of the utmost importance.’

Detectives reconstructed the crime scene and interviewed Hargan twice as they tried to crack the case.

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