Conservative Christian Writer David French Says the Rise of the Post-Religious Right & Post-Religious Left Is Harming America

The rise of both the post-Religious Right and the post-Religious Left is a detriment to political discourse in the United States, according to notable conservative Christian writer and National Review contributor David French.

Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, interviewed French for a Thursday podcast titled “American Conservatism, Past, Present, and Future: A Conversation with David French” that was posted online.

During their conversation, French spoke about his concern about the current direction of conservative ideology in America, issuing a warning about what he called the “increasing secularization of conservatism.”

“A lot of people have been longing for the end of the ‘Religious Right,’ and the belief that the post-Religious Right that would emerge would be more moderate, would be more civil, would be more reasonable, would be more rational,” said French.

“The reality is that the post-Religious Right is not more of those things. The Post-Religious Right is more contentious, the Post-Religious Right is more obsessed with politics, the Post-Religious Right has become more intolerant.”

French referenced Peter Beinhart, contributing editor for The Atlantic and a political science professor, who wrote a recent piece that noted that the “Post-Religious Left” is also worse than its predecessor.

“The rise of the Post-Religious Left has increased intolerance,” continued French. “These post-religious political movements are very absorbed in politics.”

“It’s the politicization of everything. Its politics as religion. [They] have been excessively neglectful of culture and extraordinarily intolerant. And I think that’s something that’s partly responsible for the rise of negative polarization in the United States.”

Mohler agreed with French’s assessment, adding that modern American conservatives and liberals should take heed of what “secular conservatism” and “secular liberalism” looked like in twentieth century Europe.

“Just look at Europe in the twentieth century. It’s not that we have to scratch our heads and wonder what that looks like,” Mohler said. “It’s horrifying.”

French went on to state that he believed American culture was “relearning some hard lessons right now,” among them being that “the abandonment of God has negative cultural consequences.”

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Source: Christian Post