Karl Vaters: If There’s No Church Growth Guarantee, Does It Even Matter What We Do?

There’s nothing anyone can do to guarantee that any particular congregation will grow numerically.

No, I’m not being pessimistic, I’m being realistic.

There are simply no absolutes in church growth. At least not for the numerical increase of an individual congregation.

In my previous article, Church Growth: Your Results May Vary, I wrote “not every church that uses church growth principles grows as a result of them.” If that’s the case, some may wonder, why try at all? Here’s why.

Because, while using the right principles doesn’t guarantee growth, not using them will guarantee that we won’t grow. Or be healthy. Or have a positive impact for the kingdom of God.

Say Please

When kids learn how to say “please”, they often think of it as a magic word that opens all doors. Then, when they ask “can I have some candy before dinner, pleeeease?” and they’re told “no”, they’re confused.

“Why say please if I’m not going to get what I want every time?” they may wonder. Because, while saying “please” doesn’t guarantee that I’ll get what I want, not saying “please” will guarantee that I’ll get nothing.

Church growth principles work in the same way.

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Source: Christianity Today