A-List Stars Running For Their Lives From the Fire: Transgender Bruce Jenner AKA Caitlyn Jenner’s Sprawling Hilltop Malibu House and the ‘Bachelor’ Mansion Are Burned, Flames Reach Kim and Kanye’s Home and Smoke Envelopes Lady Gaga’s Nearby House as Worried Will Smith Shows How Close He Is to the Danger Zone

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Calabasas home, Caitlyn Jenner‘s mansion in Malibu and even the famed Bachelor Mansion have been hit by the devastating wildfires overtaking Southern California.

The Woolsey Fire reached the Kardashian-West pad in the Hidden Hills neighborhood on Friday afternoon, according to TMZ.

Around the same time reports emerged that Jenner’s 3,500 square foot, four-bedroom pad overlooking the Malibu beach was destroyed by fierce flames from the same blaze.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga’s mansion nearby in Malibu was seen surrounded by a blanket of thick smoke as the wildfire overtook the beachside city before moving toward Oxnard.

Will Smith posted a video to his Instagram story expressing worry that his own home would be hit by the flames as the path of destruction continues.

Hundreds of thousands of residents in Southern California have been ordered to evacuate as the Hill and Woolsey Fires move westward toward the Pacific Ocean.


The Bachelor mansion, which is located at 2351 Kanan Road in Agoura Hills, has reportedly been caught up in the blaze that is ripping its way through Southern California.

At the very least, the mansion’s back patio is believed to have been burned, as the fire was pushing closer toward the residences on the property, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The latest Bachelor to star in the franchise, Colton Underwood, was rumored to have started filming this season on September 21, according to US Weekly.

According to Reality Steve, known for providing spoilers for the Bachelor franchise while it’s filming, shooting has long been completed at the mansion in California for Underwood’s season, so it’s not likely that any contestants were on site or in any danger.

Bachelor franchise producer Mike Fleiss, who lives in Malibu, tweeted at 10am on Friday, ‘Pray for Malibu— and #TheBachelor Mansion…’ before the fires had made their way to the famed location.

Fleiss received backlash for the post, which critics seemed to think was too lighthearted a take for the destruction being experienced in the region, and somehow excluded the parts of Malibu that didn’t include the mansion, but Fleiss wasn’t having it.

At 5.12pm, he shared a new tweet that read, ‘What part of “pray for Malibu” confuses you idiots. I live in Malibu! My heart is broken. Go f*** yourselves!’

Jenner had owned her home in Malibu since 2015 and it has been featured multiple times on her reality series.

In a video updating her social media followers, Jenner appeared visibly upset but let everyone know she and Hutchins had made it out of the area safely.

‘We’re safe, at a safe house,’ Jenner said, who at the time of the video said she didn’t know whether her home had been spared from the blaze.

‘The dogs are out in the pool swimming and having a good time,’

‘Having a good day, ha! I don’t think we’re having that good of a day, but anyway,’ Jenner said, with teary, or possibly glassy, eyes.

At that comment, Hutchins playfully swatted Jenner on the shoulder, and said, ‘We’re having a vodka, it’s been a Hell of a morning, but we’re safe, that’s all that matters.’

At around 7am Pacific on Friday, officials issued a mandatory evacuation order for the entire city of Malibu, home to 13,000 people, as the fire was declared an ‘imminent threat.’

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Source: Daily Mail