Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of London Says Christian Persecution is Ignored Because There is No Word for It Like Anti-Semitism or Islamophobia

A definitive expression is needed to help fight Christian persecution says Archbishop CREDIT: ERICH HAEFELE/GETTY

The Archbishop’s intervention comes after a series of massacres carried out against Christians around the world and accusations by some that ‘activists’ in the West don’t take discrimination against Christians as seriously as that against Muslims.

The persecution of Christians around the world is not taken seriously because there is no specific word that describes the phenomenon, according to a UK-based Archbishop.

Anba Angaelos, the Coptic Orthodox Archbishop in London, said on the BBC’s ‘Today Programme’ that because there is no word that encapsulates a Christian equivalent to ‘Islamophobia’ or anti-Semitism, the world doesn’t take the mass persecution of Christians as seriously as it should. The problem is “not seen as the phenomenon which we know it is,” he said.

The Archbishop argued more forcefully that because there is no definitive word describing hatred of and atrocities against Christians, the issue is simply “left to happen.”

“We know it’s a phenomenon in many countries, just as deplorable as anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and anything else that targets people precisely for their faith and so therefore must be addressed at the same level,” he added.

The Archbishop angled some of his criticism at the fast-paced and limited word-count world of social media. “In the world of 280 characters on Twitter, and very quick news feeds, I think that is part of the problem. You can’t have a hashtag that says ‘persecution of Christians… x, y or z’.”

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SOURCE: Sputnik News