WATCH: Ontario Church Removes Woman in a Same-sex Relationship from Members List, but Says She is Still Allowed to Attend Services

An Ontario church says a woman in a same-sex relationship who was removed as one of its member is still allowed to attend services.

As Global News reported on Tuesday, Kimberley Mills, who said she has been attending the Calvary Baptist Church in Oshawa regularly for around four years and served as a youth leader, has been involved with her partner for some time. Mills recently spoke about her relationship with members of the congregation during a roundtable.

To her surprise, Mills said she received a registered letter from the church on Monday. The letter from Deacon Chairman Dr. Tim Wagner and dated on Oct. 30, said Mills was “removed from the membership” because she has “chosen to live in disobedience to the Scriptures.” It cited church policy and biblical passages in the reasoning.

“It was brought to our attention that you have chosen to live in disobedience to the Scriptures, specifically disregarding the warning of 1 Corinthians 6:9, in spite of repeated efforts by other believers in your life,” the letter said.

“Kim, we are exercising our responsibilities to follow the biblical instructions toward the goal of your repentance and full restoration to your walk with Christ and his church fellowship … Please know that this was not entered into lightly and we pray for your full restoration.”

Mills told Global News on Tuesday she was “shocked” by the decision.

“Why didn’t somebody come to my home? Why didn’t they request to have this conversation in person? So yeah, I was a little hurt I received this in the mail,” she said.

When asked about how Mills interpreted the church was praying for her “full restoration,” she said she takes it as she should “pray the gay away.”

“I think in their minds, me being with a woman is not acceptable and that until I make other life choices, I’m not welcome as a member,” Mills said.

Global News contacted the church multiple times on Tuesday and Wednesday for comment on the matter. However, late Wednesday afternoon, a statement from the church was sent to Global News. The statement said membership matters are “private and personal” and wouldn’t address those concerns publicly. It said the church ministers “to everybody and anybody.”

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SOURCE: Global News Canada, Nick Westoll