TobyMac Shares How Personal Encounter With Racism Inspired New Song

CCM artist TobyMac (Toby McKeehan) has encouraged Christians to be on the frontlines addressing racial reconciliation and shared how his own experience with prejudice inspired his new song “Starts With Me.”

“I think we’re facing some hard times in the United States right now as it relates to race,” the 54-year-old artist told students gathered at Liberty University’s Convocation. “If your world isn’t diverse, I’m not going to say you’re sinning, but I’m going to say you’re missing out on the richness that I know of living a lifetime of diversity. There’s a richness in us coming together. I think we’re far more beautiful together than we are separated.”

The singer said he’s “always been about diversity.” Two of his five children are African-American, and his wife is Jamaican. But McKeehan admitted his life wasn’t always that way. Growing up in Virginia, his father taught him some damaging ideas about race-relations — ideas he said are “tough to swallow” looking back.

“And then, he would tell me what his dad shared with him, and I just began to think, ‘I want to write a song that’s honest and I want change to start with me. I want my kids to see something different.”

In the song “Stars With Me,” which is part of his recently released eighth studio album, Elements,  McKeehan sings about “a system that has lost our trust,” and the times “when justice just won’t come around.” The song includes the lines “Say I need you and you need me/Father give us eyes to see.”

“It’s a dialogue,” he said of the song. “This dialogue that we desperately need in America, and it has to begin with each one of us. Societal change happens when individuals change.”

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Source: Christian Post