Michael Brown: An Appeal to President Trump to Help Unify the Nation

Dear Mr. President,

In the aftermath of the midterm elections, we are officially a divided nation.

It is the House vs. the Senate.

The left vs. the right.

The Trump-haters vs. the Trump-lovers.

War has been declared by every side, and no one is willing to compromise, understandably so.

And looking at things through natural eyes – in other words, barring divine intervention – we are going to live in one continuous, ugly, even vile news cycle every day of the week, right up until the 2020 elections.

Surely, this cannot be good for our nation. We will literally tear ourselves up. It will be the intensity of the Kavanaugh hearings, multiplied and non-stop, for the next two years.

Families will divide over this. Long time friendships will dissolve over this. Whole states will even talk about secession over this.

To say it again: this cannot be good for our nation.

Do I expect the media (on either side) to be more careful in their rhetoric? Do I expect CNN (on the left) or Fox (on the right) to moderate their tone? Certainly not.

What about your political opponents? Will they moderate their tone, now that they control the House? No way.

In reality, there is only person in America who can help unify our broken nation, and that is you.

To be clear, on my end, as a committed evangelical, I would never compromise my pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious liberty, pro-Israel convictions.

And I don’t expect those on the left to compromise their convictions either.

In that sense, the ideological divide runs deep and will continue for decades to come, barring a national spiritual awakening.

But tone can make a massive difference. The way we treat our enemies can speak volumes. The example you set, sir, will be followed by millions. Isn’t that something to think about?

Many of those who voted for you did so because they wanted a fighter. They wanted someone with backbone. Someone who would expose the unethical tactics of many on the left. Who would not be intimidated by the hostile media. Who would face down world leaders without flinching.

In that respect, you have not disappointed your base.

And you have stood firmly for many of our most important values. In fact, your courage and tenacity and resolve have been outstanding. You have exceeded our expectations.

Sadly, however, your style and tone have also alienated many good people – and I mean people who could have been a strong part of your base.

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Source: Christian Post