4 Interesting Midterm Election Outcomes

While much attention has been paid to the potential for a congressional power shakeup in the lead up to the 2018 midterm elections, there were a handful individual election outcomes that may not have been on the radar for many people when it comes to things they looked for on election night.

From minority candidates becoming the “first” of their kind to win respective offices to the defeat of a county court clerk who made national headlines three years ago for her response to gay marriage, certain races have drawn recognition because of the history that was made by their outcomes or because of the details surrounding the candidate involved.

In the following pages are some of the more interesting election outcomes of the 2018 midterms.

Defeat of Kim Davis

The 53-year-old Kim Davis, the county clerk for Rowan County in northeastern Kentucky, was jailed for nearly a week in 2015 after she refused to allow her office to give out marriage licenses because she objected to the fact that her name and title would be on marriage licenses approving same-sex marriages.

After the Supreme Court ruled earlier that year to make gay marriage a national right and struck down Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriage, Davis felt that it would violate her convictions to have her name and title on documents providing legal recognition to same-sex marriages. So, her office stopped issuing marriage licenses all together.

After receiving much backlash from the LGBT community and national media over the course of the last few years, Davis was finally defeated on Wednesday by a pro-LGBT Democrat named Elwood Caudill Jr. Davis lost her re-election bid by around 600 votes.

Davis was jailed in 2015 because she defied a court order to issue marriage licenses in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling. She was released after her office began issuing licenses.

As a remedy to the situation, Davis requested an exemption that would allow her not to include her name on the marriage licenses. The Kentucky legislature later passed a law to allow county clerk’s to remove their names from marriage licenses.

The Associated Press reports that Davis was initially elected to her $80,000-a-year job as a Democrat but switched parties in 2014 because she felt the party “abandoned her.”

Dead brothel owner posthumously wins election

Nevada Republican brothel owner Dennis Hof won election in Nevada’s 36th Assembly District Tuesday night. However, the election result came one day after the Republican’s funeral.

Hof, who owned several brothels in the state, passed away in mid-October after spending a weekend partying and celebrating his 72nd birthday.

According to the Associated Press, state law allows county officials to appoint a Republican to take Hof’s place in the Nevada Assembly.

Playing off of the title of the Donald Trump’s book Art of the Deal, Hof wrote the 2015 book The Art of the Pimp. Hof considered himself to be the “Trump of Pahrump.”

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Source: Christian Post