Where Is Rudy Giuliani in These Tumultuous Times? He Is in Divorce Court With His Third Wife Accusing Him of Spending $900,000 on Travel and His ‘Mistress’

Rudy Giuliani and his estranged wife Judith faced off in a bitter divorce hearing at Manhattan Supreme Court this morning.

The court heard how President Trump’s lawyer cut off his wife’s credit card when she filed for divorce in April, while going on a $900,000 spending spree.

Judith’s lawyer Bernard Clair said Giuliani spent a total of $286, 532 on Dr Maria Ryan, whom Judith accuses of being his mistress, including $70,000 from his personal checking account.

Giuliani also spent $165,000 on travel including limousines, taxis and hotels, $12,000 on cigars and more than that amount on fountain pens, which he collects.

Former New York mayor Giuliani arrived just after 9am and strode towards room 300, the venue for the couple’s case, flanked by his legal team and security with a confident swagger.

Asked if he had anything to say about his divorce he simply shook his head, smiled wryly and said, ‘No.’

The stakes are high for Giuliani, who is estimated to be worth $45 million.

Third wife Judith has insisted there was no prenup when she married him in 2002.

She glided into the courtroom to where her husband was already sitting with his legal counsel, Faith Miller, who stood as she extended a hand in greeting.

Guiliani remained stubbornly seated, his back to his wife as she extended her hand over his shoulder forcing him to shift in his seat and return her handshake.

‘Good to see you Rudy,’ she said.

It was a superficial display on niceties in an already ugly divorce.

Judith claims he was having an affair with 53-year-old Maria Rose Ryan, a doctor and hospital CEO.

Maria is also the mother of Vanessa Ryan, Giuliani’s assistant who he defended in court in May as she stood accused of financial fraud.

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Source: Daily Mail