There is a Devil Loose: Shocking Moment a Group of Young Men Knock a 78-yo Man to the Ground, Beat Him Up, and Then Steal His Car

A group of youngsters in Las Vegas have been filmed knocking an old man to the ground, beating him and stealing his car in a callous attack on Tuesday night.

The three youngsters first approached the man as he got out of his vehicle in a parking lot.

The bewildered 78-year-old man looked at them as they approached him then clung onto his keys as one of the young men tried to pry them out of his hands.

Another then joined in the attack, pushing him to the ground.

That youngster then punched the man repeatedly while the other got in the 2001 gold Ford Taurus.

The third assailant ran away briefly then returned to the car.

All three then got in the vehicle and drove away, leaving the injured man on the ground.

Eventually, the elderly man was taken to hospital where he remains in a stable but serious condition.

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Source: Daily Mail