Sad: Married Texas Middle School Teacher Apparently Commits Suicide in His Classroom While School Is in Session – Still Under Investigation

Texas middle school teacher has died after he committed suicide inside his classroom while school was in session.

Jordan Halane, 31, was found alone and unconscious in his classroom by another staff member at Wessendorff Middle School, in Rosenberg, on Monday.

Medical personnel were immediately called to the school and Halane was taken to Oak Bend Medical Center, where he later passed away.

The school has not provided details on Halane’s cause of death.

‘Unfortunately, we believe it was the teacher’s intent to harm himself,’ Principal Sonya Sanzo said in a letter to parents obtained by KHOU.

‘There were no weapons on campus and students were never in any danger.’

Sanzo said that students were placed ‘on a hold’ and ‘remained in their classrooms’ while medical officials arrived at the school and transported Halane to the hospital.

‘Students were unaware of the medical emergency, which occurred in a portion of the campus that was not directly accessible to students,’ she added.

The students then continued on a ‘slightly modified schedule’ and ‘were unaware of the medical response’.

Sanzo said classes were still dismissed at the end of the day as usual to ‘ensure all students had safe transportation and supervision available’.

‘Our focus is always on the safety and well-being of our students. We felt that you should be aware of the situation in case your child comes home with questions or concerns,’ she added.

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Source: Daily Mail