Piers Morgan: if This Blue Puddle (Not a Wave) Is the Best the Democrats Can Achieve After Two Years of Celebrity-Fueled Screaming, Then They Need a Better Plan for 2020 or Trump Will Drown Them

Blue wave?

I’ve seen bigger political puddles.

After two years of relentless and often demented celebrity-fuelled Trump-bashing hysteria, the Democrats sneaked back the House of Representatives with a swing of seats far smaller than the shellacking that engulfed incumbent first time presidents Bill Clinton in 1994 or Barack Obama in 2010.

(And they both went onto be re-elected..)

By comparison, the much-heralded ‘fierce resistance’ to Trump turned out to be more of a lame peashooter than a row of cannons.

The President even saw his Republican majority in the Senate significantly INCREASE, which has only happened five times in the past 105 years in the midterms.

No wonder he was so quick to tweet: ‘Tremendous success tonight. Thank you all!’

His victory claim was swiftly ridiculed, but I would strongly urge Democrats who mocked him to exercise less glee in their own celebrations.

‘Tomorrow will be a new day in America,’ said House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

But will it?

In many ways these were indeed transformative elections.

It’s great that record numbers of women and minorities were elected into the House, including two Muslim women, two Native American women, and the youngest ever woman to win a place in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

It’s also great to see the first openly gay governor elected.

But the reality of these results is that nothing much has changed to curb Trump’s actual power, and it’s quite feasible that losing the House may turn out to be the best thing that could happen to him.

Here’s why: many Democrats are now openly salivating at the thought of launching a full-blown assault on Trump with endless investigations and subpoenas to try to destabilise his presidency.

They want to go after him for everything from his tax returns to his cell phone use and connections with Russia, and now have far more powers to do so.

But such a strategy would simply play into his hands.

Trump loves a fight, and he particularly loves playing the victim of liberal efforts to demonize him.

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Source: Daily Mail